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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of the wedding venue at Beaver Meadows Resort and Ranch?


Beaver Meadows Ranch Resort offers a spectacular wedding venue in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, perfect for a comfortable and memorable celebration surrounded by stunning natural beauty. The venue boasts a variety of capacities, ensuring a perfect fit for any wedding size. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best service and can accommodate your wedding needs, from the ceremony to the reception.

Can we have both the ceremony and reception at the same location?

Absolutely! At Beaver Meadows Resort and Ranch, we offer the convenience of hosting both your ceremony and reception at our picturesque venue. Say your vows in a stunning outdoor setting, and seamlessly transition to our elegant reception space, all within the same location.

Is there a backup indoor location in case of inclement weather?

Yes, sometimes weather can be unpredictable. We have a backup indoor location available, ensuring that your wedding can proceed smoothly regardless of the weather conditions. Your special day will be just as beautiful and memorable, rain or shine.

Are there on-site accommodations available for wedding guests?

Yes, we provide a range of on-site accommodations at Beaver Meadows Resort and Ranch. From cozy cabins and cottages to hotel-style lodge rooms and condos, your wedding guests can enjoy the convenience of staying just steps away from the celebration. We have options to suit various preferences and group sizes.

Can you accommodate different wedding styles, such as rustic, outdoor, or elegant?

We understand that every couple has unique preferences and visions for their special day. At Beaver Meadows Resort and Ranch, we pride ourselves on our versatility and ability to accommodate various wedding styles. Whether you dream of a rustic outdoor ceremony or an elegant indoor affair, we have the flexibility and stunning surroundings to bring your vision to life.

Are there recommended vendors for catering, flowers, and other wedding services?


Yes, we have a network of trusted vendors who have worked with us in the past and are familiar with our venue. We can provide you with a list of recommended caterers, florists, photographers, and other wedding service providers. These professionals are experienced in delivering exceptional service and will help make your day truly extraordinary.

Can we customize the menu for our wedding reception?


Our culinary team is dedicated to creating a memorable dining experience for you and your guests. We offer customizable menu options to suit your taste, dietary preferences, and any specific culinary requests you may have. From cocktail hour appetizers to a delectable wedding dinner, we will work closely with you to craft a menu that reflects your unique style and preferences.

Is there a dedicated wedding coordinator to assist with the planning process?


Yes, planning a wedding can be a complex and exciting journey. To ensure a smooth and stress-free experience, we provide the services of a dedicated wedding coordinator. Our experienced coordinator will guide you through the planning process, offer valuable insights and recommendations, and ensure that every detail is meticulously handled, allowing you to focus on enjoying your special day.

What are the options for outdoor ceremony locations within the resort?


Beaver Meadows Resort and Ranch boasts a variety of breathtaking outdoor ceremony locations amidst the natural beauty of Red Feather Lakes. Whether you prefer a serene lakeside setting, a picturesque meadow, or a secluded spot surrounded by towering trees, we have a range of options to choose from. Each location offers its own unique ambiance, allowing you to find the perfect backdrop for your wedding vows.

Are there any restrictions or guidelines for decorations and personalization of the wedding venue?

While we encourage personalization and adding your unique touch to the venue, we do have guidelines in place to ensure the preservation of our natural surroundings and the safety of our guests. Our dedicated wedding coordinator will provide you with detailed information regarding decorations, floral arrangements, and other personalization options to ensure a harmonious integration with our beautiful venue.

Is parking available for wedding guests?


Yes, we provide ample parking facilities for you and your wedding guests. Our resort offers convenient on-site parking, allowing your guests to easily access the wedding venue and enjoy the celebration without any parking concerns.

Can you recommend local transportation options for guests staying off-site?


Absolutely! We understand that some of your guests may be staying off-site and may require transportation. Our wedding coordinator can provide you with a list of trusted local transportation services, including shuttles and taxis, ensuring that your guests can safely travel to and from the resort.

Are there any noise restrictions or curfews that we should be aware of?


To ensure a peaceful and enjoyable experience for all our guests, we have reasonable noise restrictions in place during certain hours. Our wedding coordinator will provide you with specific guidelines and curfews to ensure that your celebration can proceed smoothly while respecting the tranquility of the surrounding environment.

Can we have a rehearsal dinner or farewell brunch at the resort?


Absolutely! We offer a range of options for additional wedding events, such as rehearsal dinners and farewell brunches. Our dedicated team can help you plan and coordinate these special occasions, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding weekend is seamless and memorable.

Are there additional activities or attractions available for wedding guests during their stay at the resort?


Yes, Beaver Meadows Resort and Ranch is nestled in an area renowned for its outdoor activities and natural beauty. Your wedding guests can explore the nearby Roosevelt National Forests, enjoy hiking and off-road trails, engage in whitewater rafting adventures, and even witness fascinating wildlife. There are plenty of opportunities for your guests to make the most of their stay and create lasting memories beyond the wedding celebration itself.

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